Welcome - Thanks for taking the time to read my Biography

To briefly describe myself and my life course here, I could say that I had a long, purpose driven International Business career; with expert proficiency in Strategic Business Development Management, Business Transformation, Travel & Logistics Management, Executive Training & Communication as well as global Facility Management.

As an event & travel professional and former EMEA Group Management member in a Multi-National Corporation, I have managed and coordinated multiple complex and intertwined projects within Multi Billion Dollar organizations, with up to 12’000 full time associates, as well as an independent sales force reaching the 1 million persons in 42 countries.

During the course of my career, I have held different positions in the Event & communication fields, HR & Business Transformation units on regional group management level, as well as company General management & development. With a long international experience in sales as well as a multi-cultural background, I have a strong understanding of various markets within Europe, Middle East & Africa; am also enjoying a wide network of professional connections within this very same area as well as globally.

My knowledge of different selling techniques including direct selling, and business experience helped setting high standards of Business Communication and Business Development Management, as well as business transformation.

I’ve participated as well in introducing innovative digital strategies and solutions on a group level for established and emerging markets, in both the event and communication activities, as well as the full digitalization of Business travel Management and cost control; leading to successful turnarounds within slow markets.

Earlier in my career, with a passion for people, various cultures, and eagerness to discover, I had started a brilliant travel agent career in Egypt, where I specialized after few years in International Corporate Events Design, then managed – with the support of my international network – various international events in different countries within the EMEA region.

In 2003 and after moving to Switzerland, I continued working on this passion for international Corporate Events, with various leading Swiss Organizations, till the creation of my own specialized online travel company in 2012, which was sold to a corporate client in 2013, to act as an implant owned unit for corporate travels & events.

I hold a license of interpreting from French to Arabic from the Cairo University, a Professional degree in Travel & Tourism Services from the American University in Cairo, a Post Graduate Degree/MBA from the University of Cumbria-UK, and a Professional Certification of Event design from the University of Amsterdam-NL.

In addition to my professional career, am also volunteering to support an African Foundation to help children in Rural areas of Africa gain access to education, medical care and family support. Am also a fan of sports, where I have practiced – on a professional level – Handball and Squash. Am also interested in music, big cultural events, International Cuisine, and long highway travels wherever possible.

Am enjoying living in a lovely area with mild weather, close to Nyon & by Lake Geneva, in the French speaking part of Switzerland.