Welcome - Thanks for taking the time to read my Biography

A seasoned professional with a distinguished career spanning multiple decades, I bring extensive expertise in International Business, Strategic Business Development Management, Business Transformation, Travel & Logistics Management, Executive Training & Communication, and global Facility Management.

My journey in the corporate world has seen me hold pivotal roles as an event & travel professional and former EMEA Group Management member within leading Multi-National Corporations. Over the years, I have spearheaded numerous intricate projects within Multi-Billion Dollar organizations.

With a multifaceted background, I have navigated diverse roles across Event & Communication fields, HR & Business Transformation units, and General Management & Development functions at regional and continental group management levels. My international experience in sales, coupled with a deep understanding of European, Middle Eastern, and African markets, has enabled me to foster robust professional connections and drive business growth on a global scale.

I am recognized for my proficiency in implementing innovative digital strategies and solutions, particularly in event and communication activities, as well as the digitalization of Business Travel Management for enhanced cost control and operational efficiency. Leveraging my passion for people and cultures, I initiated my career in the travel industry, specializing in International Corporate Events Design and later establishing my own specialized online travel company.

Educationally, I hold a license in interpreting from French to Arabic from Cairo University, a Professional degree in Travel & Tourism Services from the American University in Cairo, a Post Graduate Degree/MBA from the University of Cumbria-UK, and a Professional Certification in Event Design from the University of Amsterdam-Netherlands.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am deeply committed to philanthropy, volunteering my time to support an African Foundation dedicated to providing education, medical care, and family support to children in rural areas. Additionally, I maintain a passion for sports, having competed professionally in Handball and Squash, and harbor interests in music, cultural events, international cuisine, and long highway travels.

Currently residing in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, near Nyon and Lake Geneva, I relish the serene surroundings and mild weather that complement my lifestyle pursuits.